sunday bloody sunday

i'm pretty positive this is the longest and most boring sunday ever.


When the hell did this happen?

I have added another "One thing I wishwishwish I could do" to my list.

The only thing I had on it before was play the piano. I dont know why but I have always wished that I learned to play the piano and sometimes think about what it would be like to be able to sit behind the keys and play some awesomely beautiful song. Why you ask? NO CLUE.

Seriously, I dont know why of all things that was something that I longed to be able to do.

Well, now I have another thing. Painting. I am no artist but more and more I wish I was. I have found some artwork that I just absolutely love and adore and it gives me this overwhelming feeling of wishing I had the talent to paint great things.

I've never really been into art before the last few years and even in the last year and half has it completely blown up. I can sit here and look at paintings and prints all day and not get tired of it. I think it's gotten to the point that I would take a trip to LA or San Francisco just to go to one of the Gallery 1988 locations. I am sure there are other art galleries that i have yet to find that would make me just as happy but this was the one that showed me so many paintings that i have just fallen in love with.

I do have a free flight voucher and one of the locations I can use it for is LA....


hockey creeps and flooding

last weekend Todd and I went to Hockeyfest. There was a draft party and an alumni/celebrity all star game. It was fun, but seriously made me realize how many fucking creepy people there are in the world.

Throughout the weekend they had some sports memorabilia being sold from different vendors and also autograph sessions and what not and i swear to god some people have NO common sense/courtesy.

Now i understand that obviously if an athlete is doing an autograph signing that a picture will be taken here and something will be signed there... but when there are people having them sign the weirdest shit and also standing around them taking picture after picture it just gets really goddamn creepy.

Unfortunately I am not able to explain it the way i want to.

I guess i just think its common courtesy to say hello, get something signed if you want, maybe take a picture and be on your way. You are not friends with them because you said hello, so dont go telling your life story and or making horribly bad jokes with them. And for the love of god, stop stalking them with a camera in plain view.

we also went down to the river. It's high as fuuuuuuck. I took some pictures but i havent uploaded them because i just havent really felt like it... but maybe i'll do that tomorrow or later tonight.

Im really tired and kind of cranky for no reason.


i think i'd rather be blind

$400 at the eye doctor today.

now, dont get me wrong i know glasses can get expensive but we dont give a shit about the high end, designer brand frames. we're cool with the cheapy ones.

so because of this we werent not expecting to pay a TON of money and it was much needed.

but almost $400? COME ON

and then the dude charged me for some other ladys glasses which was almost $200 and then realized he made the mistake so he said he "refunded" it and that it would be credited to my account immediately. when i got home i looked at my account and saw that both the other lady's glasses and my own were showing as debits.

i had to sit on the phone with BOA to try and sort it out.

stupid optical place.

The Fabulous Fox

Todd and I havent been to the Fox Theater since we saw Edward Scissorhands and i was just thinking about how I want to go again. This is a shitty picture i took with my camera phone at the time when we were leaving afterwards. I didnt think you could have cameras but apparently you can, you just cant take pictures of the actual show. The inside is beautiful so I'll definitely bring a camera next time.

There are a few things I think I want to go to. Something in August and maybe something in November.


living in layoff land

i seriously need to get on a better schedule. I told Todd tonight before he left for work that i was just going to take some tylenol PM or some shit so that i could get back on something normal, but i have yet to do that.

so in this job search of mine i've been thinking about things. it's so nice to have a cushion of money in your bank account and not have to worry about finances. i need to find a job asap so that things dont start getting bleak and we dont have to start living like poor people. i HATE that feeling and havent felt it in a while so i'd really prefer not to go back to that.

im not being picky about jobs right now, and even though i know i wont make near what i was making before it's still a low blow when positions are offering almost $10.00 less an hour than you were making at a previous job.

layoffs are WHACK. if i did something bad and got fired i'd only have myself to blame for losing out on a large chunk of money but fuck- it wasnt even my fault. of course i'd have to experience my first company lay off with an awesome job making good money.

i do feel lucky that im still getting some kind of money every week, but i cant stomach this not working shit much longer. i fucking hate it.

i have decided to volunteer at the hospital near me in the mean time so at least i feel somewhat productive & will continue to send out my resume and pray for interviews.


so i can remember it here

i was sitting on the couch today kinda feeling bummed out so i pulled my knee's up, laid my head on the couch and pulled my blanket up to my mouth and Todd was sitting there and saw me and slightly tilted his head and said "honey, why are you cocooning" and then asked me what was wrong. I couldnt help but smile at him. Cocooning? what the fuck hahaha.

He does everything right without even trying.


all over the place

today i made some kind of makeshift broccoli & cheese soup. to my surprise it was so much better than i thought. it consisted of:

low sodium, fat free chicken broth
broccoli & cauliflower
diced tomatoes & green chilis
4oz of lowfat velveeta cheese [it melts better than other stuff]

i was expecting something kinda gross because no diet food is good [actually thats a lie] but it ruled. a little spicy but this mexican liked it.

on a different note, the fact that it stays light so late nowadays throws me off. i like it but at the same time it makes me think its much earlier than it really is.

i had some fucking weird dreams last night. im really not a fan of dreaming about people from my past because it either depresses me or just makes me go 'blech'. these are people that i either just lost touch with and miss or people that i've had falling outs with. i just dont like waking up with those people fresh in my mind. it seems like it happens randomly when i havent thought about the person or people in a long time.

yeah so im watching the cardinals game and Pujols just went down running to first. that fucking calf man. Plus I think we have something like 10 pitchers on the DL? haha christ.

not good signs for my team that has been doing alright. bummer


is it possible!? [wedding post]

that we found a place for the wedding that wont give me a huge headache?? i hope so.

i dont really want to have it at the country club anymore so ive been looking into a bunch of other places and my sister has been going around to them. i'll lose my deposit at the country club but at this point i think it might be worth it.

my sister went and looked at this place today and took some pictures and i have to say that im into it. it has all the tables, linens, dinnerware, dance floor, ceremony area, reception area, includes set up and clean up, the guy is nice.

hopefully this works out! however, it looks like we might have to change our date because someone else is already interested in the 14th there. they have 2 weeks to confirm it, but if they do take it i will probably have to move it to 2/28/09 or POSSIBLY 03/21/09.

we'll see.

im going to think about it for a couple days and then make the final decision and send the $300 in to hold the date if i decide to go with it.

ill be glad when this is decided.



i really liked having a normal sleep schedule for the last week. it was nice falling asleep at 10pm and getting up around 530-6am. staying up all night is boring and serves no purpose unless you're working.

im sitting here listening to third eye blind and trying to think of what i could/should be doing.

todd gets off work in 2 and a half hours and is off work tonight!

this is stupid


i bought these for todd today.

there are 3 others that were sold out though which is a total fucking bummer because i'm not sure if they'll be made again. Vinny from LTJ designed a serious of toys called Symptoms and being that LTJ is one of todd's favorite bands he was stoked on these. he just never bought them for himself because he's bad about that [and always likes or wants something but doesnt do/buy it] so sometimes i have to do it for him and then he gets really happy. he's like a 29 year old child.

and while im on the topic of random things, i myself am really no artist nor have i ever really been interested in art until i accidentally came upon Luke Chueh's website where i totally fell in love with his paintings.

well today while on his site and looking at sites that sell his stuff [which i most definitely cannot afford, but wish i could], i found another artist named Dave Burke, who's work i really like. there are a couple prints for some reason i really liked and want to buy. i dont know if i really will but this is one that i loved:i dont even really know why! there is just something i love about bright, colorful, odd art. these type of things are just aesthetically pleasing to me.

and to end this i just have to say that i know frozen/fresh veggies are better than canned but i prefer canned french cut greenbeans to the frozen-need-to-be-steamed ones.


dealing with Fidelity and 401k bullshit is really just not something i enjoy.