i is tie red

interesting news from work.

i think todd and i are moving out of the city. i think ive realized i really really dont want to. i like the feeling of being surrounded by buildings and listening to traffic on the highways. i think it's going to feel lonley. the place isnt in the middle of nowhere, but it sure as fuck feels that way because of what we're used to. we will however get to save like $450 a month in rent because we wont be paying for our high rise apartment or arch view. though i will miss the fuck out of them.
i have a feeling that if we hate it out there, if we move that is, we'll move back into the city after we get married and the lease is up.

im working from home today and everyone started super early so that they could be done early and i would have been done an hour ago except that i took a 2 hour lunch to go to the apartment complex and fill shit out. so now i'll sit here on my laptop bored out of my mind hoping that 515 hurrys up and watching dumb shit on tv.

speaking of dumbshit on tv, that scott baio is 45 and pregnant is on and he's freaking out about having kids. that is one of the reasons im stoked on never having children. i dont want the stress, i dont want the screaming, the crying, the diapers, the formula, the lack of sleep. maybe its incredibly selfish, but honestly i am so stoked on todd and i living OUR OWN life. going where we want when we want, spending our money on us, having no restrictions. i mean kids are cute and great and all, but kid's just arent my thing. so everything works out great.

plans for this weekend are up in the air. i didnt get to go to birmingham so now i'll just be at home and maybe go to a movie and get hammered at the bar. todd is looking forward to sitting at the bar drinking his coke. that old man's edge is still razor sharp haha what a loser! [kiddddding]

im going to enjoy my weekend no matter what.


if assholes could fly

so i need to buy a lot of plane tickets this year it seems.

my dad's graduation for his Doctorate in atlanta in march
my sister in florida's graduation in may
my sister in texas' wedding in july

thats 3 tickets, or 6 if you include todd's tickets. whattt thaaa fuuuuck

work is SO slow it's insane. im not complaining because this is the first job that has made it so that i have a few hundred dollars in my account still when the next paycheck comes in. im so used to living paycheck to paycheck i didnt know what that buffer was like, or what a real savings account was like haha. so slow or busy i shouldnt complain. they're paying me either way.

no clue what im doing this weekend. Todd did say on one of his nights off he wants to go to Caleco's and sit at the bar. this will include him drinking coke all night and watching me get hammered. hey, sounds like a plan to me for sure.

i really dont know how much i like this blog thing.


a day.

today is a day.
i am having a day.
you know...

a day.

i hope tomorrow is a different day.

jesus lord almighty

so im sitting here in class, and i just have to document how this term is a fucking jokeeee.
im spending $2500 on some bullshit right now. ok fine, first day of classes again - but really...
i shouldnt complain, at least it will be an easy straight A's this term, but still.

work is interesting as well.

i think i just had a stupid day today so im not being positive about anything. sleeping would be fantastic.

doctor's tomorrow after work. i think im just going to write a list of whats wrong with me and hand it to him so that he can figure it out on his own. i think i have the blood work from the last time i went to the doctor so he can at least look at that and avoid having to order some other blood work.




what a lazy weekend

i have done nothing [until now] except watch grey's anatomy this weekend. it's fantastic.

classes start back up on monday which im both dreading and looking forward to, if thats even possible.

my skin is SO dry lately and its yuck, i hate it. this is probably just going to end up being another completely pointless entry, but then again thats basically this entire blog so nothing new there.

last week was a really interesting week. heard from people i hadnt heard from in a while, and they all came out of the woodwork at the same time. part of me is thinking they heard about my engagement and just wanted to see if i'd mention it to them. who knows though - maybe they were all a coincidence.

tonight todd and i were talking about what it meant to be "IN LOVE". not just to love someone, but to really be in love with that person. at one point i said "i wonder what exactly being IN love means...and that's not something you can google" he just started laughing really hard and i realized how ridiculous that sounded. we both came to the conclusion that although we've loved before, and loved people we were with - neither of us had actually been IN LOVE until now. i think being in love is just something you know when it happens. there's a lot i cant explain about my feelings when it comes to todd, and i figure that's because "when you know, you just know" is actually a true statement and words cant really do those feelings justice.

i guess it's appropriate that i marry the person i actually fell in love with huh?


oh and also, the date

January 17th, 2009

at this point that is the official wedding date.

378 days to go!

so much to do

who knew that having a real wedding would have so many little details? NOT ME. but then again i never expected to have a "real" wedding....basically meaning a nice and semi formal wedding.

i figured out the country club im getting married at. they have a gazebo for the ceremony and a nice hall for the reception.
ive figured out the food situation that the country club will be catering.
figured out who is doing my flowers
figured out who is doing my photography
and then the other stuff i mentioned earlier on.

i need to figure out the best way to organize everything. there are so many little things that make me go WTFFFFF.

there is still one issue im dealing with though.
the guestlist. i do not want to hurt anyone by not inviting them, but i cant invite too many people because im already going to be paying about 2 grand for the country club facilities and catering.

i dont know what to do about that....i feel like either way people are going to be upset or offended.

man working full time, going to school 12 hours a week, and planning a wedding...... i wonder how 2008 will be for my stress level.




ive been having the hardest time sleeping. I dont know what the deal is but i get in bed and toss and turn. it took me 2 hours to finally fall asleep last night. bullshit.

im getting lots of information on venues for the wedding sent to me so i can go over the details of each and choose a nice place.

i wonder if this dumb blog will end up being a "wedding blog" im pretty positive very very few, if any, people read this so i wont feel like im rambling on and on about shit noone cares about.

i found the most perfect dress. i dont think i'll get it because it's like $600+ but goddamn it's gorgeous and would be incredible with my colors. ahhhhhhhh i wish i had an unlimited budget hahaha.

made a decision on "wedding favors" which rules because they'll be unique and totally fit our personalities. Everyone can leave with one never forgetting us haha.\

its amazing the little details that are involved in planning a wedding. so many things i never would have thought about before but luckily i have a fantastic maid of honor and bridesmaids that are more than willing to help me out im the planning.

i am tired.



so im getting married and couldnt be happier.

ive chosen my colors
and ive chosen my father daughter and first dance songs.

now onto the harder stuff haha