ive been having the hardest time sleeping. I dont know what the deal is but i get in bed and toss and turn. it took me 2 hours to finally fall asleep last night. bullshit.

im getting lots of information on venues for the wedding sent to me so i can go over the details of each and choose a nice place.

i wonder if this dumb blog will end up being a "wedding blog" im pretty positive very very few, if any, people read this so i wont feel like im rambling on and on about shit noone cares about.

i found the most perfect dress. i dont think i'll get it because it's like $600+ but goddamn it's gorgeous and would be incredible with my colors. ahhhhhhhh i wish i had an unlimited budget hahaha.

made a decision on "wedding favors" which rules because they'll be unique and totally fit our personalities. Everyone can leave with one never forgetting us haha.\

its amazing the little details that are involved in planning a wedding. so many things i never would have thought about before but luckily i have a fantastic maid of honor and bridesmaids that are more than willing to help me out im the planning.

i am tired.

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