so much to do

who knew that having a real wedding would have so many little details? NOT ME. but then again i never expected to have a "real" wedding....basically meaning a nice and semi formal wedding.

i figured out the country club im getting married at. they have a gazebo for the ceremony and a nice hall for the reception.
ive figured out the food situation that the country club will be catering.
figured out who is doing my flowers
figured out who is doing my photography
and then the other stuff i mentioned earlier on.

i need to figure out the best way to organize everything. there are so many little things that make me go WTFFFFF.

there is still one issue im dealing with though.
the guestlist. i do not want to hurt anyone by not inviting them, but i cant invite too many people because im already going to be paying about 2 grand for the country club facilities and catering.

i dont know what to do about that....i feel like either way people are going to be upset or offended.

man working full time, going to school 12 hours a week, and planning a wedding...... i wonder how 2008 will be for my stress level.


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