alone in the office

so two of the girls i work with our off today and the other one worked from home today so im here alone basically. i would have worked from home today as well except that i have class tonight and if i stayed home on a night i have class there's no way i'd want to drive through snow or cold weather to get to class 35 minutes away so i figured it's better to just come to work. boo.

the blues game last night was fun and started out good and then went south [of course ugh]. as i sat there last night listening to people yell and during the second period freaking out with the ALMOST goals i realized how much i do not want hockey season to end. im stoked on baseball of course but i wish both sports were year round and i was rich and could just go to every game for both sports.

finals are next week, which im glad about. 2 more classes down. i picked up an extra class next term which was fucking stupid because now i'll be going to the school for classes monday, tuesday, wednesday AND thursday, on top of working everyday. at least before i only went for 2 days so even though i was working i'd still have 2 nights off. complain complain.

this blog has become so pointless. [was it ever not? haha]



so im sitting at my desk and one of my coworkers walks up to me with tickets to tonights blues game and asks if i want them because he cant go. it's totally inconvienent but who can pass up free hockey tickets?? not me! so i guess todd and i will be attending the blues game tonight instead of moving more shit haha.

yesterday i was thinking about a year ago this month when todd and i were in florida and went to the 2 Less Than Jake album shows in St. Pete. it was seriously so fucking awesome because we both got our first choice albums being played. pezcore and hello rockview. listening to the entire album played live from start to finish was just so much fun. To make it better they played half of losing streak the first night, and the rest of it the second night so essentially we got 3 albums in those two shows. on top of that we stayed at a nice radisson and spent time in st. pete. it was a great time. i'm so glad i have so many fun memories and moments with todd. it's a nice change to have someone who enjoys going out and is into things i enjoy and a situation where we enjoy each others company. i suppose that's why we decided to get married haha. you shoudlnt really marry someone you cant do those things with.

im a little more busy at work than i have been latley which is nice, i dont think it will change anything that's going on, but i stil have a few weeks before i know what's going to officially happen.

i need to call direct tv asap and figure out what we're doing about our cable/dish [which way we're going for the new place] i wonder if cable has the same about HD channels as cable. hmmmm

oh and we're moved into the new place. still have some small shit to move, but overall we're moved in.

i will miss you city.


life has been stressful as of lately, but all in all life is good.

when i take myself out of stressful situations and look at my surroundings i know that life is better than ever. it's ok to have bad days, life is not perfect nor will it ever be. so many unknowns with a new work structure and moving and wedding planning have stressed me out to the max. I sometimes dont know how Todd stays so calm. I wish i was like him in the sense of not stressing when there's nothing you can do. I think i have control issues. i always need to know what is going on, what is going to happen, how its going to happen, what will happen afterwards and it's just not realistic. it's ok to stress about some things, but if you have no control over it why stress? I think Todd still has a lot to teach me haha.

We get the keys to the new place tomorrow. I'm super bummed about it but slightly excited too. I am going to miss the city so much but it's always fun to redecorate and organize a place. We have 2 accent walls painted in the new place so i think that will look awesome with the black we have in furniture. i am trying to look at the brightside of things.

Still drowing with school. so much work in so little time and when there are other things you have to focus on besides class it makes it difficult to keep your head on straight sometimes. Soon though, soon it will be over. I still dont know how my sister has managed to work full time and go to school fulltime for so long. I've only been doing it for like 3 terms and feeling crazy.

Nothing else to say for now. haha



my morning is consisting of a 100 calorie mini banana muffin pack, watery fruit punch crystal light, and sitting at work listening to my coworkers talk about something [thought they're too far away for me to make out what they're saying], and me really doing nothing at work as usual lately.

i wish work would pick up, the days would go by faster not to mention it would mean that things are going good again. i know decisions have been made though and whats done is done basically. we will see how things pan out in the next month and a half. GODDAMNIT ECONOMY.

classes end in about 3 and a half weeks. i wish i came from a rich family where i could go to school full time and either not have to work or work part time. working full time and going to school fulltime is just so much. i feel like my days just blend in with each other and the weeks just fly by. maybe its like that for everyone but i swear to god my birthday was just a couple weeks ago, and then i look at a calender and realize it was a month and a half ago. but THEN i think more about it and it feels longer than only 6 weeks. i know that doesnt even make sense. do i care? nah

im looking forward to going to florida, but i need to work harder to get my shit together asap.

this was fucking stupid



you fun fun thing!

looks like I'm going to Florida in May. My sisters graduation, my bridal shower and bachelorette party. HA

We move in 2 weeks. ITS SO SAD.

i know i have a lot to say but its like 530 in the morning and i really should be asleep, not writing in here.

I think I'm getting more of a handle on the wedding music and I think the guest list has been narrowed down.

Weddings have way to many fucking details.


oh yes yes yes

my wedding dress has been officially chosen.

its gorgeous and im excited holy shit.


havent posted in a while

well todd and i DID get a new apartment out of the city. it's pretty depressing but that's ok. we move in abotu 3 weeks. i really do like the idea of saving more money in rent and everything so im trying to look at the positives. plus we'll be really close to his work.

i wont be going to my dads graduation at the end of this month because of a few things with my job. it's just not something i can do right now, and he understands. it really bums me out, but i am really going to try and go to florida in may for my sisters graduation and i'll be able to see my dad then. i think my sister might try and do my bridal shower and possible bachelorette party then. lolz it's like 8 months or so before the wedding but unfortunately thats kind of what you have to do when you're having a wedding in a different state than you live.

school is still going. it feels so long on top of work all day, but i know it's something that has to be done. i'll be happy when its over, and hopefully it will help me out this year in my tax return and get some things paid off.

as far as the wedding stuff goes we have a few more things lined up. we're pretty set on a budget but luckily thanks to friends and family with hookups we're able to get a lot of things for cheap so it fits into our budget. i am having a good friend marry us since notaries can marry people in florida, so we'll have to come up with the ceremony program and im hoping its not too difficult.

i found the perfect dress that is too expensive for my liking, but we'll see if things go as "planned" and if so i will be wearing that dress. it really is gorgeous [in my opinion]. it's not solid white/ivory it has a colored trim around the bottom and around the top [above the boobs] and down the back in the color that im actually having my bridal party wear. i LOVE it.

alsoooo we've decided on our honeymoon destination. we are taking a mini tour of eastern canada. it will cover Toronto, Ottawa, Montreal, and Quebec. Hockey games in as many cities as we can, and staying the night in a castle in Quebec, and also going to a fucking SNOW PARK. how awesome will that be?? A SNOW PARK.

whatever, its going to rule.

overall life is still great. has its ups and downs with school and work and bills but all in all, i'm having the time of my life with a great person in a great city.