so im sitting at my desk and one of my coworkers walks up to me with tickets to tonights blues game and asks if i want them because he cant go. it's totally inconvienent but who can pass up free hockey tickets?? not me! so i guess todd and i will be attending the blues game tonight instead of moving more shit haha.

yesterday i was thinking about a year ago this month when todd and i were in florida and went to the 2 Less Than Jake album shows in St. Pete. it was seriously so fucking awesome because we both got our first choice albums being played. pezcore and hello rockview. listening to the entire album played live from start to finish was just so much fun. To make it better they played half of losing streak the first night, and the rest of it the second night so essentially we got 3 albums in those two shows. on top of that we stayed at a nice radisson and spent time in st. pete. it was a great time. i'm so glad i have so many fun memories and moments with todd. it's a nice change to have someone who enjoys going out and is into things i enjoy and a situation where we enjoy each others company. i suppose that's why we decided to get married haha. you shoudlnt really marry someone you cant do those things with.

im a little more busy at work than i have been latley which is nice, i dont think it will change anything that's going on, but i stil have a few weeks before i know what's going to officially happen.

i need to call direct tv asap and figure out what we're doing about our cable/dish [which way we're going for the new place] i wonder if cable has the same about HD channels as cable. hmmmm

oh and we're moved into the new place. still have some small shit to move, but overall we're moved in.

i will miss you city.

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