life has been stressful as of lately, but all in all life is good.

when i take myself out of stressful situations and look at my surroundings i know that life is better than ever. it's ok to have bad days, life is not perfect nor will it ever be. so many unknowns with a new work structure and moving and wedding planning have stressed me out to the max. I sometimes dont know how Todd stays so calm. I wish i was like him in the sense of not stressing when there's nothing you can do. I think i have control issues. i always need to know what is going on, what is going to happen, how its going to happen, what will happen afterwards and it's just not realistic. it's ok to stress about some things, but if you have no control over it why stress? I think Todd still has a lot to teach me haha.

We get the keys to the new place tomorrow. I'm super bummed about it but slightly excited too. I am going to miss the city so much but it's always fun to redecorate and organize a place. We have 2 accent walls painted in the new place so i think that will look awesome with the black we have in furniture. i am trying to look at the brightside of things.

Still drowing with school. so much work in so little time and when there are other things you have to focus on besides class it makes it difficult to keep your head on straight sometimes. Soon though, soon it will be over. I still dont know how my sister has managed to work full time and go to school fulltime for so long. I've only been doing it for like 3 terms and feeling crazy.

Nothing else to say for now. haha

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