i took off work monday because i have an interview for a really really incredible job. i had a phone interview on friday and i have a lunch interview with the President/CEO on Monday. i am crossing my fingers.

On that note I went out and bought a really cute womens dress suit that i of course dont really like on me, but Todd said it looks really good and that I look very nice and professional in it haha.

The best part of it is that I bought the pants, the jacket and the baby blue camisole for $32.00 hahaha. I somehow talked the girl into giving me a 50% off coupon on top of 40% that was already taken off from a sale. So my total was $96.76 and I paid $32.15. Sweet fucking deal.

Today I spent doing homework and bargain shopping for a new outfit. For the most part they both were a success whether or not i REALLY see that it was.

I also had over an hour long conversation with my dad which is the second time that's happened this week. My dad=the best dad in the world.


from bored to busy

yay for a fulltime job.

ok so they say that for every hour you spend in class you should spend 2 hours outside of class studying. LOL If I did that - between work, class, studying and sleeping [8 hours a night] that leaves me with 27 hours per week for whatever else, which is actually more like 15 hours a week if i add in travel time to and from work/school. Luckily my PT job is actually on campus so the only travel time that makes is how long it takes me to walk from my class to work.

what my life looks like:

FT Job - 830-5
Class #1 530-645
Class #2 7-950

FT Job - 830-5
Class#3 530-7
PT Job - 7-9.

FT Job - 830-5
Class #1 530-645
Class #2 7-850

FT Job - 830-5
Class#3 530-7
PT Job - 7-9

FT Job- 830-5
Study & Homework 6-??

PT Job - 10-5
Study & Homework - whenever

Study & Homework - all day/till done

hey at least i cant bitch about being bored anymore!!

I will barely see Todd but it's alright. it wont be this way forever.


back from chicago

it rained and rained all weekend, but it really was such a wonderful weekend.

it was a weekend to be remembered even with all the shitty weather.

this is not a video from the show because i didn't take any video's from the first night but Todd and I will forever remember him playing this song. Big thanks to Matt Pryor for being such an awesome person and helping me surprise Todd. I know it meant a lot to us both but Todd especially. [if you're curious about specifics you can contact me directly]


nothing better to do

i feel really sick today and i dont know why. i've been at work [the part time job] since 9 this morning and have just been feeling worse and worse as the day goes on. i have class in an hour and a half but i am very seriously considering not attending. all i really want to do is eat some soup and go to sleep. my stomach hurts so bad and i just overall feel like shit. wtf

we're leaving for chicago in a couple of days. it will be nice to get out of st. louis for a few days. im really looking forward to just being in chicago but even more so the MP shows. we wont have time to do all the things we did last time [not to mention we just did them in may so there's not really an overwhelming urge to be all touristy again haha] but one thing we did decide we need/want to do is take a water taxi again to the Pier. something about the ride is incredible. i really love the feeling of the wind in your face and the bumps from waves.

ive decided that if we ever do move to chicago that we're going to live in an area where we can have a boat. i never understood why people liked boats so much but more and more i see the appeal.

Shawn & Alyssa will be here in about a month from Florida and Stephen will be here from California at the same time. It's going to be awesome. I am trying to talk Tara into her and Brian coming from Louisville. That would be incredible. Our place will be full of people and for the first time since I moved here I'll feel at home again. There's something about having a bunch of people in your house/apartment that rules. I took it for granted when I lived in Florida but now I wish for it on a daily basis.

Oh well, even with the downs life is still good. I say it all the time but Todd is such an incredible person. He has opened my eyes to so much and really changed me as a person [in a good way] so missing all those things back in Florida is worth it.

I have about 45 minutes left of work today and as much as the job rules because i can study/do homework it also makes the day sooo muuuuch lonnger because there is like little to no stimulation. ahhhhhhhhhhhhh


it's personal this time

i came in here to try and write something about what i was thinking, but i feel like i have no words. i feel bothered, stressed, worried, and frustrated about things that i'm normally very understanding of[difference of opinion for example]. 8 years ago i didnt really know anything, but did what i was supposed to. 4 years ago i didnt give a shit, and didnt do anything about it because i felt like it didnt matter anyway. this year i care, and i care a lot more than i thought i would. maybe now that i'm 26 instead of 18 i want to understand more. besides, i feel like this time, for me, there is much more at stake.

i feel kind of lost and don't really know how to fix that.