i took off work monday because i have an interview for a really really incredible job. i had a phone interview on friday and i have a lunch interview with the President/CEO on Monday. i am crossing my fingers.

On that note I went out and bought a really cute womens dress suit that i of course dont really like on me, but Todd said it looks really good and that I look very nice and professional in it haha.

The best part of it is that I bought the pants, the jacket and the baby blue camisole for $32.00 hahaha. I somehow talked the girl into giving me a 50% off coupon on top of 40% that was already taken off from a sale. So my total was $96.76 and I paid $32.15. Sweet fucking deal.

Today I spent doing homework and bargain shopping for a new outfit. For the most part they both were a success whether or not i REALLY see that it was.

I also had over an hour long conversation with my dad which is the second time that's happened this week. My dad=the best dad in the world.

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