last thoughts

is it possible to leave social networking on the internet behind and just use the internet as a reference tool if you have to look something up or send an email to someone?

i hope so because i quit.


it's been a while

and i am going to try and stop slacking. i think the reason i tend to slack here is that i am obviously not writing anything with substance that anyone will actually care about or be interested in reading. im not reviewing music or food or tv shows or whatever else gets reviewed, and im not blogging about my creations since i am not talented enough to make or design anything. so basically this thing is just a big thing of "who-gives-a-shit".

anyway, with that said Todd and I are now officially season ticket holders for the Blues. I think we figured we were ready to take the plunge. Afterall we took the big life plunge just a couple weeks ago, so why not start married life as gung-ho hockey fans? haha

So yes, we are now married too. The wedding was great. Nothing too fancy nothing to crazy.

During the ceremony I almost started crying really hard so I took a moment to compose myself which consisted of me hesitating before I spoke and taking a deep breath that sounded like a sigh. The only problem is that I chose the wrong moment to collect myself. It was during our vows and when I was repeating them. The officiant said "I promise to be a faithful wife" waiting for me to repeat her, but not thinking I chose that moment to try and keep my composure, which made it sound like I was hesitating and sighing at the thought of having to be a faithful wife.

Everyone thought it was hilarious and it took me a minute to realize what had just happened. But thanks to the laughter it made it much easier not to cry so that worked well! Then when it was Todd's turn to say "I promise to be a faithful husband" he decided to mock me and he hesitated and sighed as well, which again made the guests chuckle.

Todd and I decided that instead of doing a unity ceremony [unity candle, sand ceremony, etc.] we would read short love notes that we had written to each other but kept secret until the ceremony. It really went over well in my opinion [of course I am biased]. I felt like it just added a really beautiful touch. [awww ok whatever].

One of my BIGGEST regrets was not videotaping the ceremony. HOW THE HELL DID I NOT REMEMBER TO REMIND SOMEONE TO VIDEO TAPE IT?? But oh well, it's over and done with and I have great memories.

The photobooth at the wedding went over very well and I can't wait to get the disk of pictures taken. Apparently I have to look at someones balls but other than that I think everyone just had fun with it.

We had a slight playlist issue, but I expected something to go wrong with not hiring a DJ and all but Steve totally made things work so well and I am so thankful for him manning the playlist.

Apparently the food was delicious but I didn't even get a bite of it at the reception. SO BUMMED. MEXICAN FOOD RULES. Everyone said how great it was to go to a wedding and eat something other than "wedding chicken" haha. Thank you Todd for not letting me change the menu at the last moment.

So that was a very quick recap and I am missing all kinds of great moments but I think I could type all day about my wedding day and I'm sure this is more than enough as is.



i am overwhelmed by life right now.

dear wedding - please hurry up and come
dear school - please dont kill me this semester
dear world - please stop making me feel so goddamn isolated and disheveled.


woe is me or something

i feel "off". i don't really know what it is - ok i probably know what it is but because it's too hard for most people to understand it's much easier to say i don't know why i feel the way i do then to try and explain it to someone who [by no fault of their own really] just wont get it.

There are 66 days until the wedding. SIXTYFUCKINGSIX.

In the next 66 days I am:
Taking an even heavier school load
moving out of one place and into another
putting the final touches on an out of state wedding
getting married.

Ok so, that's kind of a lot to deal with and maybe that's why I'm feeling the way I am. I'm sure it's part of it but there is still that underlying issue that follows me around from day to day, month to month, and year to year and I am just not sure when that cloud is going to part - but I hope soon.