from bored to busy

yay for a fulltime job.

ok so they say that for every hour you spend in class you should spend 2 hours outside of class studying. LOL If I did that - between work, class, studying and sleeping [8 hours a night] that leaves me with 27 hours per week for whatever else, which is actually more like 15 hours a week if i add in travel time to and from work/school. Luckily my PT job is actually on campus so the only travel time that makes is how long it takes me to walk from my class to work.

what my life looks like:

FT Job - 830-5
Class #1 530-645
Class #2 7-950

FT Job - 830-5
Class#3 530-7
PT Job - 7-9.

FT Job - 830-5
Class #1 530-645
Class #2 7-850

FT Job - 830-5
Class#3 530-7
PT Job - 7-9

FT Job- 830-5
Study & Homework 6-??

PT Job - 10-5
Study & Homework - whenever

Study & Homework - all day/till done

hey at least i cant bitch about being bored anymore!!

I will barely see Todd but it's alright. it wont be this way forever.

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