my morning is consisting of a 100 calorie mini banana muffin pack, watery fruit punch crystal light, and sitting at work listening to my coworkers talk about something [thought they're too far away for me to make out what they're saying], and me really doing nothing at work as usual lately.

i wish work would pick up, the days would go by faster not to mention it would mean that things are going good again. i know decisions have been made though and whats done is done basically. we will see how things pan out in the next month and a half. GODDAMNIT ECONOMY.

classes end in about 3 and a half weeks. i wish i came from a rich family where i could go to school full time and either not have to work or work part time. working full time and going to school fulltime is just so much. i feel like my days just blend in with each other and the weeks just fly by. maybe its like that for everyone but i swear to god my birthday was just a couple weeks ago, and then i look at a calender and realize it was a month and a half ago. but THEN i think more about it and it feels longer than only 6 weeks. i know that doesnt even make sense. do i care? nah

im looking forward to going to florida, but i need to work harder to get my shit together asap.

this was fucking stupid

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