alone in the office

so two of the girls i work with our off today and the other one worked from home today so im here alone basically. i would have worked from home today as well except that i have class tonight and if i stayed home on a night i have class there's no way i'd want to drive through snow or cold weather to get to class 35 minutes away so i figured it's better to just come to work. boo.

the blues game last night was fun and started out good and then went south [of course ugh]. as i sat there last night listening to people yell and during the second period freaking out with the ALMOST goals i realized how much i do not want hockey season to end. im stoked on baseball of course but i wish both sports were year round and i was rich and could just go to every game for both sports.

finals are next week, which im glad about. 2 more classes down. i picked up an extra class next term which was fucking stupid because now i'll be going to the school for classes monday, tuesday, wednesday AND thursday, on top of working everyday. at least before i only went for 2 days so even though i was working i'd still have 2 nights off. complain complain.

this blog has become so pointless. [was it ever not? haha]

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