oh yes yes yes

my wedding dress has been officially chosen.

its gorgeous and im excited holy shit.


Susan Elaine said...

which one are you going with? the one with the purple trim??

uh-lean-uh said...

yes yes yes!!

the first one.

im excited because Todd hasnt seen this one yet and we decided to try and hold of on him seeing it. we'll see if his curiosity and my excitement can really hold out haha

Susan Elaine said...

doo it, dont let him see it until the big day!

uh-lean-uh said...

im totally not letting him. I told him i chose a different dress and he goes "oh really let me see it" and i was like "no i think im going to wait" and he goes "ok" and then a minute later i was like "ok wanna see it?" [im bad at surprises] and he goes "no! lets try and wait"

hopefully i dont give in haha