havent posted in a while

well todd and i DID get a new apartment out of the city. it's pretty depressing but that's ok. we move in abotu 3 weeks. i really do like the idea of saving more money in rent and everything so im trying to look at the positives. plus we'll be really close to his work.

i wont be going to my dads graduation at the end of this month because of a few things with my job. it's just not something i can do right now, and he understands. it really bums me out, but i am really going to try and go to florida in may for my sisters graduation and i'll be able to see my dad then. i think my sister might try and do my bridal shower and possible bachelorette party then. lolz it's like 8 months or so before the wedding but unfortunately thats kind of what you have to do when you're having a wedding in a different state than you live.

school is still going. it feels so long on top of work all day, but i know it's something that has to be done. i'll be happy when its over, and hopefully it will help me out this year in my tax return and get some things paid off.

as far as the wedding stuff goes we have a few more things lined up. we're pretty set on a budget but luckily thanks to friends and family with hookups we're able to get a lot of things for cheap so it fits into our budget. i am having a good friend marry us since notaries can marry people in florida, so we'll have to come up with the ceremony program and im hoping its not too difficult.

i found the perfect dress that is too expensive for my liking, but we'll see if things go as "planned" and if so i will be wearing that dress. it really is gorgeous [in my opinion]. it's not solid white/ivory it has a colored trim around the bottom and around the top [above the boobs] and down the back in the color that im actually having my bridal party wear. i LOVE it.

alsoooo we've decided on our honeymoon destination. we are taking a mini tour of eastern canada. it will cover Toronto, Ottawa, Montreal, and Quebec. Hockey games in as many cities as we can, and staying the night in a castle in Quebec, and also going to a fucking SNOW PARK. how awesome will that be?? A SNOW PARK.

whatever, its going to rule.

overall life is still great. has its ups and downs with school and work and bills but all in all, i'm having the time of my life with a great person in a great city.

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Susan Elaine said...

How did you manage to get out of your lease??