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interesting news from work.

i think todd and i are moving out of the city. i think ive realized i really really dont want to. i like the feeling of being surrounded by buildings and listening to traffic on the highways. i think it's going to feel lonley. the place isnt in the middle of nowhere, but it sure as fuck feels that way because of what we're used to. we will however get to save like $450 a month in rent because we wont be paying for our high rise apartment or arch view. though i will miss the fuck out of them.
i have a feeling that if we hate it out there, if we move that is, we'll move back into the city after we get married and the lease is up.

im working from home today and everyone started super early so that they could be done early and i would have been done an hour ago except that i took a 2 hour lunch to go to the apartment complex and fill shit out. so now i'll sit here on my laptop bored out of my mind hoping that 515 hurrys up and watching dumb shit on tv.

speaking of dumbshit on tv, that scott baio is 45 and pregnant is on and he's freaking out about having kids. that is one of the reasons im stoked on never having children. i dont want the stress, i dont want the screaming, the crying, the diapers, the formula, the lack of sleep. maybe its incredibly selfish, but honestly i am so stoked on todd and i living OUR OWN life. going where we want when we want, spending our money on us, having no restrictions. i mean kids are cute and great and all, but kid's just arent my thing. so everything works out great.

plans for this weekend are up in the air. i didnt get to go to birmingham so now i'll just be at home and maybe go to a movie and get hammered at the bar. todd is looking forward to sitting at the bar drinking his coke. that old man's edge is still razor sharp haha what a loser! [kiddddding]

im going to enjoy my weekend no matter what.

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