if assholes could fly

so i need to buy a lot of plane tickets this year it seems.

my dad's graduation for his Doctorate in atlanta in march
my sister in florida's graduation in may
my sister in texas' wedding in july

thats 3 tickets, or 6 if you include todd's tickets. whattt thaaa fuuuuck

work is SO slow it's insane. im not complaining because this is the first job that has made it so that i have a few hundred dollars in my account still when the next paycheck comes in. im so used to living paycheck to paycheck i didnt know what that buffer was like, or what a real savings account was like haha. so slow or busy i shouldnt complain. they're paying me either way.

no clue what im doing this weekend. Todd did say on one of his nights off he wants to go to Caleco's and sit at the bar. this will include him drinking coke all night and watching me get hammered. hey, sounds like a plan to me for sure.

i really dont know how much i like this blog thing.

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