what a lazy weekend

i have done nothing [until now] except watch grey's anatomy this weekend. it's fantastic.

classes start back up on monday which im both dreading and looking forward to, if thats even possible.

my skin is SO dry lately and its yuck, i hate it. this is probably just going to end up being another completely pointless entry, but then again thats basically this entire blog so nothing new there.

last week was a really interesting week. heard from people i hadnt heard from in a while, and they all came out of the woodwork at the same time. part of me is thinking they heard about my engagement and just wanted to see if i'd mention it to them. who knows though - maybe they were all a coincidence.

tonight todd and i were talking about what it meant to be "IN LOVE". not just to love someone, but to really be in love with that person. at one point i said "i wonder what exactly being IN love means...and that's not something you can google" he just started laughing really hard and i realized how ridiculous that sounded. we both came to the conclusion that although we've loved before, and loved people we were with - neither of us had actually been IN LOVE until now. i think being in love is just something you know when it happens. there's a lot i cant explain about my feelings when it comes to todd, and i figure that's because "when you know, you just know" is actually a true statement and words cant really do those feelings justice.

i guess it's appropriate that i marry the person i actually fell in love with huh?

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