is it possible!? [wedding post]

that we found a place for the wedding that wont give me a huge headache?? i hope so.

i dont really want to have it at the country club anymore so ive been looking into a bunch of other places and my sister has been going around to them. i'll lose my deposit at the country club but at this point i think it might be worth it.

my sister went and looked at this place today and took some pictures and i have to say that im into it. it has all the tables, linens, dinnerware, dance floor, ceremony area, reception area, includes set up and clean up, the guy is nice.

hopefully this works out! however, it looks like we might have to change our date because someone else is already interested in the 14th there. they have 2 weeks to confirm it, but if they do take it i will probably have to move it to 2/28/09 or POSSIBLY 03/21/09.

we'll see.

im going to think about it for a couple days and then make the final decision and send the $300 in to hold the date if i decide to go with it.

ill be glad when this is decided.

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