all over the place

today i made some kind of makeshift broccoli & cheese soup. to my surprise it was so much better than i thought. it consisted of:

low sodium, fat free chicken broth
broccoli & cauliflower
diced tomatoes & green chilis
4oz of lowfat velveeta cheese [it melts better than other stuff]

i was expecting something kinda gross because no diet food is good [actually thats a lie] but it ruled. a little spicy but this mexican liked it.

on a different note, the fact that it stays light so late nowadays throws me off. i like it but at the same time it makes me think its much earlier than it really is.

i had some fucking weird dreams last night. im really not a fan of dreaming about people from my past because it either depresses me or just makes me go 'blech'. these are people that i either just lost touch with and miss or people that i've had falling outs with. i just dont like waking up with those people fresh in my mind. it seems like it happens randomly when i havent thought about the person or people in a long time.

yeah so im watching the cardinals game and Pujols just went down running to first. that fucking calf man. Plus I think we have something like 10 pitchers on the DL? haha christ.

not good signs for my team that has been doing alright. bummer

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