hockey creeps and flooding

last weekend Todd and I went to Hockeyfest. There was a draft party and an alumni/celebrity all star game. It was fun, but seriously made me realize how many fucking creepy people there are in the world.

Throughout the weekend they had some sports memorabilia being sold from different vendors and also autograph sessions and what not and i swear to god some people have NO common sense/courtesy.

Now i understand that obviously if an athlete is doing an autograph signing that a picture will be taken here and something will be signed there... but when there are people having them sign the weirdest shit and also standing around them taking picture after picture it just gets really goddamn creepy.

Unfortunately I am not able to explain it the way i want to.

I guess i just think its common courtesy to say hello, get something signed if you want, maybe take a picture and be on your way. You are not friends with them because you said hello, so dont go telling your life story and or making horribly bad jokes with them. And for the love of god, stop stalking them with a camera in plain view.

we also went down to the river. It's high as fuuuuuuck. I took some pictures but i havent uploaded them because i just havent really felt like it... but maybe i'll do that tomorrow or later tonight.

Im really tired and kind of cranky for no reason.

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