When the hell did this happen?

I have added another "One thing I wishwishwish I could do" to my list.

The only thing I had on it before was play the piano. I dont know why but I have always wished that I learned to play the piano and sometimes think about what it would be like to be able to sit behind the keys and play some awesomely beautiful song. Why you ask? NO CLUE.

Seriously, I dont know why of all things that was something that I longed to be able to do.

Well, now I have another thing. Painting. I am no artist but more and more I wish I was. I have found some artwork that I just absolutely love and adore and it gives me this overwhelming feeling of wishing I had the talent to paint great things.

I've never really been into art before the last few years and even in the last year and half has it completely blown up. I can sit here and look at paintings and prints all day and not get tired of it. I think it's gotten to the point that I would take a trip to LA or San Francisco just to go to one of the Gallery 1988 locations. I am sure there are other art galleries that i have yet to find that would make me just as happy but this was the one that showed me so many paintings that i have just fallen in love with.

I do have a free flight voucher and one of the locations I can use it for is LA....

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