i bought these for todd today.

there are 3 others that were sold out though which is a total fucking bummer because i'm not sure if they'll be made again. Vinny from LTJ designed a serious of toys called Symptoms and being that LTJ is one of todd's favorite bands he was stoked on these. he just never bought them for himself because he's bad about that [and always likes or wants something but doesnt do/buy it] so sometimes i have to do it for him and then he gets really happy. he's like a 29 year old child.

and while im on the topic of random things, i myself am really no artist nor have i ever really been interested in art until i accidentally came upon Luke Chueh's website where i totally fell in love with his paintings.

well today while on his site and looking at sites that sell his stuff [which i most definitely cannot afford, but wish i could], i found another artist named Dave Burke, who's work i really like. there are a couple prints for some reason i really liked and want to buy. i dont know if i really will but this is one that i loved:i dont even really know why! there is just something i love about bright, colorful, odd art. these type of things are just aesthetically pleasing to me.

and to end this i just have to say that i know frozen/fresh veggies are better than canned but i prefer canned french cut greenbeans to the frozen-need-to-be-steamed ones.

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