it's been some time

i havent updated this blog in a while, but then again i havent updated any sort of online blogging/journaling thing in some time. im not sure if its just that i dont have much to say, or that i dont know how to say it.

im going to go with the second one because i do have a lot to say. i dont know, i guess it's kind of weird. i feel slightly isolated but there really isnt much reason to. i think i just have a lot on my mind and cant seem to form them into real thoughts that would make sense to the outside world haha.

so Todd and i are definitely going to Chicago for new years. I am very much looking forward to that. We'll only be there for about 36 hours but that's fine. We leave at like 6am or something on 12/31 and then leave at like 11:55 on 01/01. We'll go to the show, sleep in the hotel, and then spend all of new years day just roaming around. I do know we're going ice skating though, which will be hilarious since neither of us have actually done that before.

Our wedding is 93 days away. Uhh wow. There is a lot to do still and maybe after next week when finals are over and the semester is over i'll be able to do some cram planning. Eh, we'll see.

One thing i hate about the winter time is that my hair gets REALLY static-y [not a word i dont think]. I know it's from jackets and sweaters but it's annoying. Now that my hair is so long I'm actually feeling it.

I'll try and update this more often. Who knows what will happen though haha.

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