Tara and Brian were here Friday night passing through on their way home from KC. It ruled. We went to dinner and they showed us how to play shit on the Wii haha. But what is more awesome is that THEY ARE GOING TO CHICAGO WITH US FOR NEW YEARS EVE/NEW YEARS DAY. Ummm hello most fun and awesome new years ever. Spending it with people that are awesome and that I love. Not much could make it better [unless my sister was there].

The school semester is officially over, I did alright. Better than I thought in some areas and not as well as I wanted in others. Next semester will be better.

Tuesday is my 27th birthday. I can't believe I'm going to be 27. It just feels weird I guess. 26 wasn't a big deal [except that I got engaged haha] but I think since 27-29 is considered "late 20's" i'm feeling old.

I am stoked for the show on NYE and also stoked on just chillin in Chicago.

2008 went by so fast and that makes me wonder just how fast 2009 will go. Hopefully 2009 is better than 2008 ALTHOUGH I really shoudnt complain. considering previous years, 2008 was really pretty good despite some of the financial hardships with getting laid off of a job and having a hard time finding another one. But I'm ending the year with a job so that's what matters.

oh yeah, we got approved for a new place so we're going to be moving in there in February. THANK GOD. This place is a fucking shithole with loudass neighbors.

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