Chicago for New Years? I think so. The Methadones, The Lawrence Arms, The Copyrights plus the whole holiday feel, and a nice hotel downtown in the cold. I always end up drunk when I go to Chicago so I think this would be very appropriate haha - thankfully I have Todd to make sure I get around safely.

Saw Henry Rollins on the 6th of this month and it was great as usual. I had an annoying ass girl next to me who was so hammered that she kept yelling "SHUT UP" [not in the mean way but in the "omg are you serious?" way] and getting up to get more drinks. Finally her boyfriend said "if you get up, dont come back" haha.

I have buried the hatchet with someone from my past. It actually feels really good not to hold on to negative feelings anymore.

There's really nothing else to say right now except that I'm busy with school [thank god the semester is almost over] and working.

Oh and I picked up my wedding planning again. HA. I went on a hiatus for months and months but now that there are only like 115 days left I figured I better figure some shit out quickly.

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