2 of my sisters

at times i wonder how people from the exact same bloodline can be so different. maybe not in the better or worse way just very different. my favorite part of it all is that regardless of how different our lives are i feel close and love them. the parts of themselves that i dont have dont brew bitterness or jealousy, but admiration and proudness. There is no competition but genuine happiness for one another i believe. Of course it wasnt always this way - being young and immature we couldnt get along to save our lives but we are lucky enough to have left that behind in becoming adults.

we have alyssa and we have alexa.

we have alyssa -
determined, headstrong, beautiful, reserved but yet so loving and giving. only 16 months younger than me but years ahead of me in terms of accomplishments. working the same job for 9 years all while going to school and supporting herself - here she is a college graduate and going into gradschool. she's honest, she's loyal, and she's supportive. She stands by her beliefs and lives her life as best she, as a human being, can. She goes to Haiti doing things that i would never be able to do. Not only is she beautiful inside as a person but she's beautiful outside. Seriously i dont get how we are related! if she wasnt my sister i'd call her a babe but since she is i will just say that anyone who knows my sister know just how beautiful she is. Here is a young woman who is smart, hilarious, goal-oriented, gorgeous and who was my solid rock for a long time and who still is at times. And i have to say that i absolutely love the fact that i am related to someone who is going to be so successful in this world and someone who regardless of disagreements or times of needing an attitude adjustment [ha] has a heart of gold.'

then we have alexa - another incredible person. at 21 she has been through, gone through, overcome and moved on from things that most people would have no understanding of. she is a person who at one point in time i feared where she'd end up. there are absolutely no words in this life that i could ever use to explain how proud i am of her. she will be a wife in a month and a half and is a WONDERFUL mother of 2 little boys. She is by far much stronger than i ever could be and i have mentioned this to her more than once. I hope that she knows and understands just how proud our entire family is of her and how seeing her in this stable life and happy brings more joy to our hearts than ever imaginable.

and then there is me & anyone who knows me can see the obvious differences here.

this is in NO way meant to be self-deprecating or anything of the sorts. I have great qualities and in no way do i feel a "woe is me" "they are better than me" feeling - i am just stating facts. we are all different and again, its not about who's better or who's worse. None of us are "better" than the other anyway.

really what this is, is just a mere reflection of how incredible i think my sisters are and the many things that i admire and hope to one day be like and how lucky i feel to have at least some members of my family that dont disappoint me and who support me regardless of what i am or what i am not.

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