im not sure how i like all the pink in this new layout, but i dont really care enough to change it.

the trip to chicago was INCREDIBLE. im glad we went and saw todd's mom friday night and then headed to chicago on saturday. it was the best 4 days i've had in a very very long time.

relaxing, doing whatever we wanted - when we wanted... the wind blowing in our faces and really just having no care in the world. it was a feeling that i absolutely loved and i cant think of anyone i would have rather shared it with.

todd --- he is one phenomenal dude. noone has ever, or could ever, make me as happy as he does. life's not perfect by any stretch of the imagination but the life we have together makes it so that that imperfection doesnt even phase me.

in florida ana said to me "you know how lucky you are right?" and went on to tell me why. you know someone is right for you when everyone around you see's it without you having to create some kind of presentation.

290 days until it's me and him against the world forever hahaha

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