its late again, but tonight i have an excuse. i just got home from class, and i swear to fucking god this term is going to be much harder than last term. this database class has a ridiculous amount of work to do each class period. im ahead right now which i did intentionally since i wont be in class on tuesday.

i am so goddamn tired it's not even funny but im sitting here finishing up an assignment, so i figured i'd throw an update in here.

so im apparently going to chicago over thanksgiving break. todd is off work the wednesday night before thanksgiving so that will be the night we do the cooking and have our thanksgiving. then as it's currently planned i'll be taking an amtrak to chicago thursday and coming home on sunday. i dont now how i feel about the whole thing, but we'll see. it'll be a group of about 5 girls, some long time friends and a couple ive never met, and one who ive never even talked to. im really NOT looking forward to that because i just cant stand meeting people. it will be interesting for sure if i actually go and dont back out.

eh whatever.

final thought for tonight:
man i do not handle stress well at all.

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