boring sunday

wow i feel like there is nothing to do at all. I mean there totally is shit I could be doing, but I just dont even really feel like it. Todd is asleep and I'm kind of surprised I'm not.

So my sister and Shawn bought plane tickets to come up here in October! I am SO excited. I am crossing my fingers that my dad and stepmom will come. I know my stepmom might not be able to come because the kids have a lot going on and plus I dont think they'll want to be away from her for long. But I'm keeping my fingers crossed that they both come, or maybe if not at least my dad. I'm not sure that will work though.

Chicago in less than a month to see Matt Pryor. I am really looking forward to that. We were supposed to be going up there this Friday but it looks like we wont be doing that now. I know Todd's kind of bummed which sucks but shit happens.

Sundays are stupid

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