-Went to get an oil change, waited an hour and some for them to tell me they didnt have the right airfilter for my car in stock and couldnt do the oil change.
-Got my hair trimmed. Summer says if i want my hair to grow i need to trim the ends. I trust her.
-Cardinals game tonight. Carzan is coming with Todd and I which rules. I still have an extra ticket that probably wont get put to use. Bummer.
-Listening to a lot of Colbie Caillat. I like her a lot.

Dramarama on my moms side of the family [no surprise]. Blows my mind that people can be so fucking dramatic and pathetic. I feel bad because it's affecting my little sister 3 weeks before her wedding. I told her that she needs to tell my gma, mom, and certain distant relative to go fuck themselves. She wont though haha, she's a better daughter than I. I'm really thankful for one of my aunts though. She's been helping my sister out with this wedding and I'm glad for that. Obviously my mom is useless.

My sister Alyssa is going to Haiti again this week. Be safe sister even though i know you wont read this.

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