Last night the gym gave me a bunch of energy and I didnt go to bed till way late.

Today the gym has made me so tired that I honestly want to crawl in bed and go to sleep right now.

It should really choose one or the other so that I can make sure i go to the gym at the appropriate time. When I wake up, or before I go to bed.

Tomorrow we're going to the riverfront/arch for the fireworks. It'll be weird. Last year we just sat on the couch in our apartment and watched them. I really miss living downtown. This is what the arch grounds looked like about 2 weeks ago when we went down there:
Below is a picture of a statue down at the river front that was taken last year. Below that is a picture from the flooding a few months ago. You can see the top of the guys hat behind the display board thing. Then in the last picture that's what it looked like 2 weeks ago when we went down there. The "A" arrow points to where the statue is under water, and the "B" arrow points to where the display board is underwater.

I dont know if/how much the water has gone down but I guess I'll find out tomorrow.

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