this is the perfect entry for this pointless blog.

im at work right now and should be working but instead im jamming to my ipod and forcing myself to write a real update.
Basically life has done a massive turnaround which is fantastic considering I hate this time of year.

im going to cover a few topics in this entry haha
-my promotion at work
-my trip to chicago
-life in general
-random shit.
sooo we'll go in order starting with work.

The Promotion:
basically I went from a year long contractor status to a permanent status.what this means is - i got a $4.00 MORE an hour raise which means im now making a lot more than i've ever made in my entire life, i get a free cell phone[treo 755p yesss] that costs me $0 a month, and a new phone for Todd that will cost us $14.99 a month. Both plans unlimited minutes, data, and mobile to mobile. With this I also get full benefits, my 401k, stock options, a laptop in case i need to work from home, and eligible for quartly bonus'. Overall it's fucking sweet shit and im beyond stoked.

Oh this term as sucked fucking ass. This database class has a ridiculous amount of work every fucking class and I am beyond overwhelmed. Only a few weeks left until finals and then picking up 4 more classes next academic semester. I wont lie, since I got this promotion I have this "do i REALLY need to go to school?" but I know i do and school is partly WHY i got the promotion. Also, if im making what im making now, I'd love to see what i make when i finish. But anyways yeah this term - shit. So ready for it to be over.

The Chicago Trip:
I had a lot of fun spending 4 days in chicago. It was the first time I'd been away from Todd for more than like 12 hours in like 10 months. I got trashed, froze my ass off, sang Vanilla Ice on karaoke, got rounds of shots bought for us at some bar for rapping Warren G's "Regulate", made a bff with some blonde bimbo in said bar, had slumber party like games with the girls i was with in the hotel, almost puked on the el when i was leaving.. you know all the fun shit. Shopping downtown [though I dont think I actually bought anything except starbucks. It was so fantastic spending time with the girls I was with and I realized that i really enjoyed Chicago. Todd and I MUST go up there. I want to go with him and shop/see sites, but he also needs to see his sister. Overall the trip was grand.

Life in General
Is great. Sure there are still the lingering shitty parts, but between work, todd, and school[well, the fact that im on the right track] life has never been better. I am starting to be able to pay off large amounts of money aka debt, and still have money for BLUES GAMES. There's really nothing I can say about Todd that I havent already said at one point or another. He is a godsent for sure. My dad already told me "I want him to be my son-in-law" Todd and my dad, two of the greatest men out there. It's crazy to think of not being with another person for the rest of your life, but with Todd that is exactly how I feel and it's very comforting and exciting. No kids, just us living out any dream we have. I can't wait. And school is going much faster than i thought. Sure it sucks at times and its long and i have no time for anything, but i think thats whats causing it to go so fast. At this rate I'll be done in no time [which means ill be old[er] in no time too. ugh]

The Random:
My birthday is coming up in like 24 days. I'll be 26 which just means 4 years until im 30. WHAT THE FUCK. Mind boggling.The Blues lost on Tuesday which sucked but thats ok they're still doing excellent compared to what they were doing. If they make the playoffs I really dont give a fuck what happens/what I have to do - Todd and i WILL be attending games. And I have a huge goal for season tickets in the near future.
All in all, the downs suck and I hate coming off the highs of life, but i just need to remember that life isnt a sweet ride all the time. Shit gets bad especially when it was bad for so long, and it takes a while to build up to a consistantly good level - but im on the road to it.
Love matters more than almost anything, and i should appreciate and be grateful that I have what i waited a long time to find, and what others may still be looking for.

ok this is one disgustingly sappy entry, so im going to end it.
I'm not trying to be all emo and sappy and loveydovey by anymeans, im still the pissed off, pessimistic person because that's me by nature -- but now all the good i wanted is right in front of me and im able to touch it, so it's nice to reflect on it and say "you know what? life isnt bad"
so eat shit world.

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