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im watching some LC from the Hills movie. I dont know why really. I never watched Laguna Beach and I have only recently started watching the Hills. I will say this movie or "look back" rules because it's filling some holes that made no sense to me because i didnt have backhistory.

yeah pointless.

ive realized that there are only 2 things i want, besides a lot of money, in this world -- and the most insane thing about this is that both things ARE attainable. what? they are 2 things that i think about numerous times on a daily basis and it's pretty insane to think that for once what i want in life is not impossible. the question now is when will things things fall in to place?

soon? not so soon? the truth is if i REALLY want them, they will happen...eventually.

i dont know.
i just want to drink sweet tea on the couch with a blanket watching dumb shit on tv.

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