the blues had one fucked up game tonight. yikes. at least my DP scored something.

i went to bed early tonight, but couldnt sleep so now here i am up and knowing i need to sleep. ARG.

todd and i did like almost 6 hours of christmas shopping on saturday/saturday night. it was insane. i was so tired by the time i got home but at least we got a lot accomplished. then we basically chilled and watched movies all night and went to bed at like 3am.

today was a complete bum day where we did nothing but sleep, wake up and do nothing, then took a nap, woke up, had dinner, and watched the blues loose miserably.

work tomorrow...

i feel all fucking wacky today. i dont know why. i really think i do feel overwhelmed between work and school. im very unhappy with myself this term, and really just cannot wait until its over. so much work and just no time to do it.

oh well.

ive been singing the song Bubbly constantly lately. I think its the cheesiest and dumbest song ever, but i cant help myself. oops.

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