blues v. red wings game was fantastic.
i lost my voice from yelling so much and the lovely DP scored 2 goals!

so glad we went. and it ruled sitting so close.

i need a Perron #57 jersey ASAP. GET ON IT BLUES.

after the game todd and i were sitting on the couch and he goes "i love you" and i just laughed because it was so random and said "what? why?" [not really meaning why, it just, again, random] and he goes "because we have so much fun together". it's true too, and i never really thought that 2 people could hang out so much and actually have fun and enjoy each other's company. luckily it works though. enough on that.

chicago next week. still havent got my train ticket, but that is coming in the next few days.

i have not slept more than 4 hours each night this entire week and i feel like it's catching up on me. ughhhhhh and part of that is because of ozzie. without going into detail, i really really do think that parvo fucked him up in the head and triggered the aggressive part of the brain or something. :(

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