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I got an email today confirming my travel arrangements for my new job. I'm pretty damn excited to see how it goes. I'll be leaving Sunday the 26th and coming back late Tuesday night and going into the local office on Wednesday. It's crazy how you apply for jobs and it seems like nothing comes your way, and then once someone is really interested in you EVERYONE decides they want to hire you. Oh well, it's a great job, good pay, and works well with my school schedule.

They're putting me up in a hotel about 5 miles from the corporate office in Illinois which happens to be really close to where Todd's mom lives, so I'm going to probably email her and see if she wants to grab dinner the Sunday night I get into town.

so since today is technically Thursday - I GET TO SEE EVERYONE TOMORROW! I can't express how happy and excited I am to be around so many incredible people that I love. It is muuuuch needed.

I have a final tomorrow in one of my classes that's only 8 weeks and not a full term class. Im not even concerned about that class because I know I got an A and I know I'll do fine on the final. The tests I took on Monday in one class and today in another I'm not feeling as confident about, but I wont find out what those are until next week.

I'm feeling good about where I'm heading even though things have been a little crazy. By a little, I mean a lot haha. But hey, Todd helped me keep my head above water and now all will be well.

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...love Maegan said...

congrats on your job ...when it rains, it pours.

I love Kathy Olivas art! I own an original painting and two prints. Her Munny dolls are to fantastic too.