roll out the stretcher and make me feel better...

yesterday was the first day of classes since i changed schools and went back to my original major. i dont even really know why i left nursing & tried to go into computers in the first place. i think it had to do with the fact that i've always wanted to be a forensic nurse but always felt like it was too "out there" since i had a hell of a time finding a reputable graduate program for that specific thing.

well it turns out that UMSL has one in the works. I talked to the Assistant Professor and MSN Program Coordinator and she gave me some very excited and motivating information regarding the graduate forensic nursing program they're working on. it'll be a few years until they enroll the first class if they do get the program [which she mentioned she was confident they would because of a great response] which is totally fine and works in my favor since it's definitely still going to be a few years until i'm finished with my BSN.

Todd's so encouraging too of course. last week he made a little comment of "im glad you're doing this" and i dont know, for some reason inside it really made me feel good because i knew [not that i didnt know before] that he really will support me in anything i want to do.

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