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Todd and I were talking today about how we act together and what not and I said something like "it would be really weird if one of us fell out of love with the other" [because a lot of times we act so silly [for lack of better word] with each other that i could see it being really annoying in some instances. we just end up laughing the majority of the time] but he made a really great point when he said "It would be completely obvious though" And he's right. There is just this type of chemistry [i know it sounds dumb] but it's just there and if one of us stopped loving the other it would be so obvious because of body language and just the way we act. It's both terrifying and reassuring at the same time. I of course hate the idea of it happening [but I'm a realist I know anything can happen] but it's reassuring in the way of not having to worry "does he/she love me?" and mixed signals and stuff. I wonder if this makes any sense. Whatever.

Chicago in a few weeks and school a couple days after that. I am thinking about picking up another class but I'm not sure at this point. I dont want to overload myself, but the thought of 1 more class being out of the way is a nice thought.

I know this isnt my wedding blog or anything but i think i officially decided on a wedding band i want.

It's a white gold band with aquamarine stones instead of the normal diamond stones for an eternity band. I really like this because 1. aquamarine is the March birthstone and since we're getting married in March i like the idea of that and 2. I'm not big on diamonds anyway. My engagement ring is a diamond solitaire and i love it's simplicity but I'm not sure if i want to add more diamonds to the look. I think the look of this band on each side of the solitaire would look really cute and more me. Who cares if it's not traditional diamonds. I tried to photoshop a picture of what my ring would look like with this band on each side of it but it came out shitty because i dont know photoshop so whatever. Imaginations will have to do for now haha.

I think i might get to sleep at a normal hour tonight. Todd is off work tomorrow so yay for that. We were going to go see Lewis black but figured we'd save that money for other things.


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