and i get to see my dad and sisters! that is awesome. I'm not dwelling on having to see the family i dont want to & just focusing on the fact that my little sister is getting marrrrrieeeeddd.

i am incredibly tired and think i am going to sleep way early tonight. Tomorrow is a busy day.

i think Todd and I have decided [ok maybe I decided] that when this lease is up we're moving back downtown. I dont know why but life just felt better living not so far out. It's totally a mental thing but whatever, if it makes me feel like my quality of life is better - so be it hahaha.

Oh, so Todd and I booked some penthouse suites at the arena for a couple hockey games and originally it was going to be when we were going to have the wedding up here but since now we're getting married in Florida it's kind of pointless, but either way we'll just invite some people we know here to go. Hey free game and shit right? OK!

Well anyways the point of that is the guy I booked it with in the beginning apparently is no longer there so my account was transferred to someone else [who so far has been super nice] but in the process there were a few misunderstandings that are not sitting well with me. I booked it and paid $$$$$$$$$$$$$$ for it and really expect to get everything that was part of deal.

I hope it happens or I might end up pretty pissed.

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Stephen said...

Have a safe and wonderful trip!!!

I also agree with you and Todd, move back to downtown and I'll come back!