there really is so much that i can finally update about and i guess im kind of in the mood to go ahead and do it. it's funny because everytime i think i am - i start writing and then realize im really not hahaha.

anyways, so todd and i had our trip back to florida a few weeks ago. it was much enjoyed but SO SO SO busy. basically the trip went like this:

thursday: flew into orlando where todd and i took a hotel shuttle to the hotel that we were staying at. alyssa and shawn drove down and picked us up and then alyssa and i went to davids bridal so that i could try on wedding dresses. todd and shawn ended up walking around the mall and having dude talk or something. it was surprisingly not so bad. i thought i was going to be in a horrible mood trying on wedding dresses [haha i know i know. it's supposed to be a totally happy moment] but i was afraid that i wouldnt find any dresses i liked or that i wouldnt like how i looked IN them. incredibly i was in a great mood the entire time. my sister was there to help me get in the dresses and all the ones i tried on were pretty alright. didnt find "THE ONE" or anything like that haha but i got an idea of the best styles for me to look and feel comfortable in. then we all went to dinner and had so many moments that had me DYING laughing. i cant even really remember anything specifically but i was crying from laughing so hard. after that back the the hotel and bed.

friday: ALYSSA'S GRADUATION! I'm so glad we decided to stay in Orlando that night, since she was graduating from UCF it was a muuuuuuch shorter drive than trying to drove from ocala. Her graduation was huge and it was in the weirdest order so the whole time we had shawn, todd, me, my dad & stepmom, and grandma & grandpa trying to find her so that we wouldnt miss when her named was called and she walked the stage. so my awesome awesome sister graduated college! [and is headed towards gradschool]. then we headed up to ocala got settled at alyssas and then went to lunch with the whole family. that was fun/interesting. i got to see my little brother and sister for the first time since i moved. they're so grown up haha. fucking a.... i just realized i didnt get any pictures of them!! WHAT THE FUCK WAS I THINKING. damnit. well anyways then that night we had a graduation party at my dads for my sister and then from there went over to summer and steves with eric and they all got to meet todd [and liked him which was awesome] and that was that.

saturday: that was the day of my bridal shower. i had a blast and got to see some old faces i hadnt seen in years. i was so grateful so many people showed up and had a good time. alyssa did an incredible job on it. except for having to wear a funny veil, a blinking "bride to be" crown & button [hahhaa just kidding, i loved wearing it sissy alyssy] and the fact that you could SEE THROUGH MY DRESS it was perfect! i was soooo thankful for all the awesome gifts everyone got me and also thankful for spending the time, money, and effort to participate in it. it meant a lot to me. Ana drove down from BIRMINGHAM for it, and Corrine drove up from Tampa for it. Melanie came from gainesville too. Not as far, but still a travel. Seriously, i felt really lucky. later that night some of us got together to go out and have a few drinks. I got to meet Mel's husband and Todd got to meet some more people. after that we went over to James and Ambers to spend a little time there. I'm glad i got to see james. i seriously miss them a ton! mr. baby boy was sleeping but i got to see his cute face anyway. another successful night.

sunday: sunday was my little sisters first communion so we got up early and went to church. pretty awkward honestly, but not as bad as i was thinking. from there we drove out to my grandparents house where they had some catered food and we ended up swimming for hours. oh what a beautiful sunday that was. todd and i swam and played with the kids for a long time and then afterwards just sat in the sun and talked about how incredible it felt. that was one of the most fun and relaxing days. i hate florida heat but i totally forgot how awesome that heat feels when you're in or around a pool. came back and hung out with eric, shawn and alyssa and then todd and i stayed up watching playoff hockey but then i passed out because the game was going on for so damn long.

monday: we went and looked at the country club/wedding venue. i realized that ive totally been at a wedding there before! talked with the lady there and got some more ideas of cost and the other little details. then we went to my dads and sat around for a while since it was the last night i was going to see him before we left :( i set him up with a gmail account so now he tries to chat with me everytime he sees me on. haha adults and technology is hilarious.

tuesday: time to fly home. alyssa drove us to orlando and dropped us off at the airport. we hung out, boarded the plane and flew away from sunny florida. bittersweet of course. i was really happy to be coming home and being back in st. louis and sleeping in my own bed, but it didnt feel like enough time with friends and family.

I'm glad i finally updated this and wrote about the trip home. We're going to Chicago this coming weekend so maybe i'll get around to updating about that. It will probably take me forever though like this one did hahaha.

thanks for the picture awad hahaha

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