i REALLY should be sleeping

but im not.
i need to make the decision on where to have the wedding.

florida or st. louis.


so many pros and cons for both.

tomorrow is monday, one of my longest days and i know i need to sleep as much as possible the night before, but i never can and then i hate myself the next day.

we finally got the living room completely unpacked. now all thats left is the kitchen/dining room and the bedroom. there is not much left to do with those, but they're not finished nonetheless.

pictures of the livingroom:

and of course todds muppet corner HAHA which of course we could only fit half of his shit on because there is so much.

i'll post pictures of the kitchen/dining room and bedroom maybe whenever that happens.

opening day is 2 weeks from tomorrow. Todd and i have yet to decide if we're going to go. we want to but the lineup for this team this year is so ridiculous that i think we've lost some of our obsession. but lucky/unfortunately haha for us the love for baseball is there so we will be attending.

OH on the 28th i am hoping to go to the Ladies and Left Wings at the hockey arena. It sounds like a blast, now i just need to find another lady to go with!

its going to be 2am before i get to sleep at this rate. i should probably at least attempt it now.


Susan Elaine said...

thats a lot of muppets.

uh-lean-uh said...

oh if only you could see all of it. thats all we could fit though haha.

mary contrary said...

lol @ muppet wall. i would be your lady friend if i lived nearerrr.